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A few thoughts about O.R. and dishonesty

Growing up in rural England, I didn't have many encounters with blatant dishonesty.  This was in the days before television brought wickedness into everyone's front rooms.  As children we were taught the standards of the Ten Commandments so didn't steal, didn't tell too many lies (little ones were "fibs" - does anyone use that word today?) etc. 

Then my brother had a temporary job working for a mail order company, and some of his work was in the returns department.  He regaled us with stories about the number of suits which were returned for a total refund as being unsuitable and "only worn to try them out for size", and which came back with theatre stubs or confetti in the pockets - clearly worn for a special occasion.  Cheating the mail order company was cheaper than hiring a suit for that occasion.  So, if you are going to tell a lie, make sure that there is no evidence to contradict your story.  Obviously, I have encountered many more examples o…

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